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The Red Sea : The New Hollywood

The Red Sea region in Egypt and Saudi Arabia has the potential to become the new Hollywood, with its diverse landscape and rich history offering a wide range of filming locations.

One of the main similarities between California and the Red Sea region is the stunning natural landscape. Both locations offer a diverse range of terrain, from deserts and mountains to beaches and valleys. The Red Sea region, in particular, is known for its crystal-clear waters and coral reefs, making it an ideal location for water-based productions.

Another similarity between California and the Red Sea region in Egypt is the year-round sunshine, which provides a perfect lighting conditions for filming.

There are numerous towns and cities along the Red Sea coast in Egypt that can all be used as great filming locations. For example, Hurghada is known for its beaches and luxury resorts, making it an ideal location for romantic comedies and romantic dramas. Meanwhile, 100km from the coast lies the ancient city of Luxor, which is known for its historical sites, including the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Karnak, would be perfect for historical dramas and epic adventures.

The Red Sea region in Egypt is also home to several film studios, including the globally recognized production company Mo2 in the Red Sea, which offers a range of services and facilities for film production.

The Egyptian government has also been actively promoting the Red Sea region as a filming location, recognizing the potential for the area to become a major player in the global film industry. The government has also put in place several initiatives to support the local film industry and attract international production companies to the area.

It's worth noting that this is a vision and an idea that might take time and effort to be implemented. But if it is executed properly, the Red Sea region in Egypt could become a major film-making destination, and a new Hollywood of the Middle East.

Written by: Mo Ismail - Managing Director

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